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MAR/ASR generally allows high quality water to be stored underground in suitable aquifers during periods of low demand or excess supply and then to be withdrawn during peak summer months, when demand is greatest.


Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management is part of our broader area of MAR/ASR schemes.


Mine Water Management

AGT provides strategic water resource management solutions to assist the mining and petroleum sector to incorporate leading practice water management activities within their operations.


Catchment Management / Monitoring

AGT delivers a holistic approach to the sustainable use and management of the available groundwater resources. We work closely with all catchment stakeholders to achieve a successful outcome for the client and the community.


Aquifer Testing

AGT offers a team of experienced operatives who include skilled pump operators, technical specialists and hydrogeologists to undertake the full range of groundwater supply and bore management services.


Irrigation Water Services

Properties have the capacity to capture large volumes of reusable rainwater every year that can be stored in underground aquifers in winter and pumped for irrigation in summer. Included in this is roof water, paddock runoff, dams, waterways and wetlands.

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