Catchment Management and Monitoring Solutions

Catchment Management and Monitoring

Sustainable management of groundwater resources requires an accurate understanding of catchment water balances derived from the ongoing monitoring of groundwater use, groundwater levels and groundwater quality. An accurate water balance also requires an understanding of the surface water contributions to groundwater and the requirements of dependent ecosystems and other users. AGT delivers a holistic approach to the sustainable use and management of the available groundwater resources. We work closely with all catchment stakeholders to achieve a successful outcome for the client and the community.

Australian Groundwater Technologies (AGT) is committed to providing the cost effective, pragmatic technical advice for the management and sustainable development of Australia’s groundwater resources. Competing demands are placing intense pressure on available groundwater resources which are a critical source of water supply. The sustainable management of the available groundwater resources is imperative to maintain the agricultural, industrial, urban, rural and environmental viability of Australia. Ensuring all users receive an equitable share requires an understanding of the whole water cycle and extensive knowledge of the range of hydrogeological settings.

AGT has a proven track record in the sustainable development, management and environmental protection of the available groundwater resources throughout Australasia.



  • Water resources planning, management strategies and advice
  • Regional groundwater assessments to determine sustainable yields
  • Groundwater numerical modelling including solute transport and hydrogeochemical modelling
  • Groundwater resource condition monitoring and reporting
  • Borefield design and construction supervision
  • Managed aquifer recharge
  • Geological mapping
  • Aquifer discharge (pumping) tests
  • Community consultation on groundwater resources
  • Data management and data mining
  • Independent reviews



  • Groundwater and MAR investigations in the Murrumbidgee and Bundaberg Irrigation districts
  • Latrobe Valley groundwater management
  • Liverpool Plains groundwater impact studies
  • City of Kuala Lumpur groundwater supply
  • SA Arid Lands NRM Board – Development of the Water Allocation plan
  • Department of Defence – Hydrogeological Assessment of the Joy Springs Community
  • Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources – State-wide monitoring review