Managed Aquifer Recharge | Aquifer Storage & Recovery


AGT is uniquely qualified in finding and developing practical, cost-effective water supply, water storage, aquifer recharge, injection bore and treated wastewater management solutions for our clients.

AGT has unmatched experience within Australia in this highly specialised field of hydrogeology, across the full spectrum of unique technical issues that accompany Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) schemes; in particular Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) bore and well head design and operation.

The need to conserve, reuse and recycle water is becoming increasingly important for both environmental and economic reasons. MAR and ASR is being recognised by water resource managers and planners as a practical solution to water management challenges, including complementing existing water supplies (e.g. surface storages and desalination plants) without the need to expand costly infrastructure.

MAR/ASR allows high quality water to be stored underground in suitable aquifers during periods of low demand or excess supply and then to be withdrawn during peak summer months, when demand is greatest.

Our reputation in this field is based on practical experience in the delivery of over 60 operational ASR schemes. These schemes are harvesting in excess of 25 GL of stormwater each year. Our experience covers all hydrogeological settings, sedimentary karst and fractured rock aquifers and we have developed proprietary methodologies for the construction, completion and remediation of recharge bores.


Our  services include:

  • Feasibility investigations including aquifer suitability, demand estimates and source water reliability studies
  • ASR and MAR business case development
  • Bore design, site selection, project supervision and pressure testing of bores
  • Trial aquifer injection and recovery testing
  • Groundwater numerical modelling and solute transport modelling
  • Geochemical modelling
  • Risk assessments consistent with state and national guidelines
  • Functional design for MAR schemes and cost estimates
  • Design and management of bore remediation
  • Development of monitoring and management plans to assist with licensing
  • Operational management, monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Independent reviews and scheme auditing


Key Projects include:

  • Water Proofing the East– 893 ML/a.
  • Water Proofing Northern Adelaide– greater than 5 GL/a.
  • Water Proofing the West– 2.3 GL/a.
  • Water Proofing the South– 2 GL/a
  • East Gippsland Water – 200 ML/a